Home staging really does work. From well-kept gardens, summer outdoor furniture and some cleverly placed items. But what happens when you have an empty property waiting to be let or you have tenants moving out?

Even though a tenant isn’t looking to buy they still want to live in a clean, comfortable home.

Tenants still want to be proud of where they live even if it is not their own property. If you want to maximize your rent in a competitive market, or make your property more appealing in a slow market, consider home staging.

Here are some tips to get you started-

Start With The Front Garden

This is the first thing potential tenants will see and you want to draw them in from the start.

Make a Grand Entrance You need to make an impression, the homes entrance will have a huge impact on how potential tenants feel about the property. What do you want potential tenants to see when they open the front door? Make it welcoming, inviting and warm.

Kitchen (the Jewel of the Home) When you think about the most heavily used room, chances are it is the kitchen. From cooking or eating to socialising and entertaining. Make sure the kitchen is clean, clutter-free and well lit. The worktops should not be full of items but some staged items to give a tenant an idea of how they could use the space.

Less is More Do not over do the home staging. Over staging homes could end up looking cluttered. Do not distract key focal points such as fireplaces and windows with views. Remove furniture that block walk ways.

Lighting Change your old style energy saving bulbs to the new halogen ones, this gives a more crisper light.

Curtains and Blinds Providing curtains and blinds is such a helpful thing to do as a landlord and finishes off your property. Keep curtains and blinds neutral, good quality and make sure they are correct length. Keep them open during the day to make the most of the natural light.

Love these tips but unsure how to home stage your property whilst tenants are still there? Email Charlotte for your free FULL home stage appointment. charlotte@perrenproperty.co.uk or call me on 01306 880 442.