Whether you are selling or letting, your properties appearance is so important. First impressions really do count in the property market - so make sure you get it right. Sometimes we jump on minimalism a little to much.

Your viewers shouldn’t feel cold and un welcome, they should feel relaxed and visualise themselves in your property.

This doesn't mean leaving your household clutter all throughout the home but by thinning down a few personal belongings can really help your property become a picture perfect home and one your viewers will want to buy. You need to inject some soul and creativity into your home.

Charlotte Secrets to create soul and creativity in your marketed home- (this works for Sales and Lettings)

Declutter- Use storage that can also be used as furniture.
Clean clean and clean some more!
Create atmosphere - Add some flowers, plants, diffusers and scented candles.
Mirrors - Put mirrors in places to create light and space.
Define the room- If it is a double bedroom show it off as one, if it is a dining room show it off as a dining room. Your buyers need to know what each room is.
Let there be light- Clean your lightbulbs and replace with brighter ones in if necessary.
Make your room feel lived in- Use colourful accessories to create the lived in feel but remember keep the colours matching and simple. Do not over do it.

If you need some help with marketing your home, I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line at charlotte@perrenproperty.co.uk