>Are You A 'Top Dog' Landlord?

We all love our pets, but why don’t landlords like renting to people with pets. As a result, there’s a huge group of potential tenants who, due to the existence of a furry, fluffy, friend – struggle to find a good rental property.

Renting to a tenant with pets “can” lead to more wear and tear, yet following my three simple steps you can reduce that risk and have tenants queuing up to rent from you.

1. Take a deposit, so that if the dog really does scratch the sofa (and everything else) to bits, you’ll be protected financially.

2. Interview the pet. Well… check the pet out when meeting your potential tenant for the first time at least. You’ll be able to make a better informed decision and if its bite is clearly worse than it’s bark you can decide whether or not to wait for another tenant.

3. Have a FULL professional clean. When I say full I mean full, include every nook and cranny. Windows, carpets, oven, kitchen units (inside and out), skirting boards, behind radiators… the list goes on. Make sure you use a reputable professional cleaning company who provides you with a receipt. Do not do the clean 2 weeks prior to the commencement of tenancy but a day or two before the tenancy is due start. The tenants must leave the property as they found it and if the clean was done 2,3,4 weeks prior, there will be dust again!

Be kind to canines- and tenants will think you’re top dog!

Meet Jackson, the office dog!